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On 06/09/2019 15:51, Michael Grove wrote:
Hi all,

I'm hitting the "ERR_554 double get for block" errors that I've seen
discussed in many email messages and issues for Apache DS.  Most of the
reports of that problem appear to be before version M25.  E.g.



I'm using M25 on Windows.  At
https://directory.apache.org/apacheds/news.html it says

But the major improvement is the cross-indexes transaction support that has
been added, which is expecting to solve the database corruption issue we are
facing for years.

In the "ApacheDS db corrupt" thread available at
, a user on M24 was told there was no fix for this issue "with the released
version", which I trust means M25, since M25 had been out well before this
July 2019 post.

yes, it applies to M25.

Am I correct that the M25 note of "expecting to solve the database
corruption issue we are facing for years" is in fact not the case, and that
M25 is known to suffer from this DB corruption issue still?

If you are still hit by the issue, it seems that the 'expectation' was not fulfilled :/

Now, and I have to check, I *think* we have added transaction support at a higher level, and it may be only present in M26 (which is to be released soon).

The problem is that it's hard to reproduce, we just see the effects.

That July 2019
thread suggested a fix would be available "in the coming weeks."  Is there a
rough ETA on that?  We're trying to decide whether to hold out for M26 or
switch to a different LDAP server.

We are expecting to release M26 soon (ie a week or two).

  At times for us our directory server
goes down multiple times daily due to this problem during lots of concurrent
use.  The repair mode hasn't worked effectively, so I just keep reverting to
snapshots that have the base LDIF imported.

If you want a proven stable LDAP server, you can switch to OpenLDAP: we are quite compatible when it comes to the schema. You will just have to configure the server to fits your need.

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