Hi Mike,

I checked, and what has been added is the support of the Transaction extended operation in the server. It obviously uses the internal transaction system in plave in M25, so I don't think it will fix the issue you are facing.

Bottom line, we really have to get rid if JDBM - the internal DB library-  which seems to be unreliable. Some effort has been started years ago, but stalled, with Mavibot. We are no that far from having a solid new DB, but I can't promise to be able to have it running before the end of this year...

On 11/09/2019 21:32, Michael Grove wrote:
Thanks for the response.


Now, and I have to check, I *think* we have added transaction support at

a higher level, and it may be only present in M26 (which is to be

released soon).

Did you get a chance to determine if transaction support has been added at a
higher level in M26?  If it hasn't, am I correct that there's not an
expectation that M26 fixes this issue?



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