Hi Anad,

Happy to hear that it worked for you.

Regarding the performance: this is strange to hear.
Are you sure that you are running DPDK the same way in
both cases (same parameters, same /proc/cmdline, etc)?


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Thanks Rami Rosen

I tried the steps you have suggested, and with that, I am able to boot in 
command line.
But still I face the same packet drop issue.

Any guess, what causing problem?

Anand Prasad

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Hi Anan,
You better use the same Grub kernel command line parameters both in
run level 5 and in run level 3.
In order to be able to do so, keep the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX as what you had in 
init level 5, and assuming you are using one of the popular distros (like 
Fedora or recent Ubuntus), which runs systemd, the recommended way to what you 
call "disable the gui" is by a systemd command called systemctl.

So, when the gui mode is enabled, you will get:
systemctl get-default

And to disable the gui you can run:

sudo systemctl enable multi-user.target --force
sudo systemctl set-default multi-user.target

After boot, both in run level 3 and in run level 5, you will be able to verify 
that the kernel command line is as expected with:

cat /proc/cmdline

Rami Rosen

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Subject: [dpdk-users] Running DPDK application in Linux init level 3

Hi DPDK Team,
  I am trying to run DPDK application in Linux with init level 3 (no gui) and I 
am observing continuous packet drops on Rx side. But, If I boot Linux in init 
level 5 (GUI), then I dont see drops.
  I have provided linux command line arguments (for isolating the cpu cores and 
hugepates etc in "GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT" variable, and with those it's 
working fine in init level 5. But, not sureif these configuration are 
applicable when I boot in Init level 3?
 To boot in init level 3, I am setting GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="3" , is it correct? 
If not please suggest what is theother method.
Thanks in advance.Anand

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