Hello Jens, Erik,

if possible, it would also be good if you could attach the content of
the Cactus log file (*.out when using simfactory, the file that has the
Cactus logo in it) so that one can check that all routines are called
in their correct order (since uninitialized variables can show up as


> Jens
> Yes, Cartoon2D should be possible with GRHydro. Apart from certain
> technical difficulties (choosing correct coordinates, number of ghost
> points, etc.), the largest problem I expect is that Cartoon2D will
> interpolate the solution, and interpolation is not a conservative
> operation. Thus I'd expect problems near shocks, discontinuities, and
> surfaces -- problems in the sense of "the hydro scheme is inaccurate", not
> in the sense of "segfault" or "nan".
> Most likely -- and I have no hard information on which to base my opinion
> -- what is necessary is a very careful debugging of your parameter file.
> It's difficult to explain this in an email (and I might also be wrong) --
> feel free to call in next Monday for more in-person advice.
> -erik
> On Thu, Dec 1, 2016 at 5:51 AM, Jens Mahlmann <jensm...@alumni.uv.es> wrote:
> > Dear all,
> >
> > I am currently trying to set up an easy GRMHD simulation using axial
> > symmetry. In the documentation I find the thorn Cartoon2D recommended
> > for general axisymmetric problems. Is the use of Cartoon2D possible with
> > evolutions in GRHydro? Doing my setup I do find a lot of NaNs in the
> > Prim2Con routines.
> >
> > Thank you and my best from Valencia
> >
> > Jens
> >
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