Present: Roland, Peter, Bhavesh, Zach, Qian,

US ET meeting in ATL:
* website:
* June 18 – June 20, 2018
* registration page: (not yet 
* will send announcements to hyperspace, facebook, Helvi Vitek, Einstein 
Toolkit website (give access to website page to Bhavesh)

wiki site:
* postpone until next week

new user registration link:
* we think Frank set this up, so will have to contact him about what
  could be going wrong. TODO: Peter to contact Frank

missing material on ET website:
* is missing ID files and most links
  are broken
* ID files no longer present on server at Caltech
* Patrick Cheong tried to reproduce the run with current RNSID in ET
  but failed. Possibly bug in parfile or bug in GRHydro or difference
  between Whisky_RNSID and RNSID in ET right now. TODO: Roland to ping
  authors of paper, try to reproduce files with Whisky_RNSID
* material is hard to find. Suggest to add them to the gallery.

* suggest to ask authors of ET using papers for submissions to the

ET chat:
* there is a ET slack which we tried but which seems to have not gotten
* similar story for IRC:
* Zach suggests giving a try which is eg used by

ET meeting next week: Only if there is interest since it overlaps with
the APS meeting.


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