I’m used to the DS OSGI spec @Component annotation but I guess you are using 
the DM annotations and not DS?

David Jencks

> On Jun 16, 2021, at 1:57 PM, Steve Runion <steve.run...@myfuelmaster.com> 
> wrote:
> My company has used activators for quite some time, instead of annotations, 
> due to a perceived inability for the annotations to fit our needs.
> I have cornered the use case that is reported to be the challenge. We have 
> services that are both aspects on services by their interfaces and also 
> implement another (common) interface which are whiteboarded in elsewhere. The 
> plumbing to get that to work would look like…
> @AspectService(ranking = 10, service = AimEncryptionKeyService.class)
> @Component(provides = EntitySynchronizer.class)
> … however it seems as if these two annotations are not intended to be used as 
> the same time. Whichever one is first is applied and the second is ignored. 
> Is anyone aware of a workaround, or an idiomatic way, to get this scenario to 
> work?

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