Thanks Alex, I’ll see if I can get a simple test made.  I have had some
luck by detecting the mouse up event on the ‘intellegent resume’ button in
the javascript which I then pass through to the swf via external interface
and have split the code that normally runs in my creationComplete, so some
is fired from the applicationComplete like registering for the enternal
interface funcitons and the rest once the externalInterface function is
triggered.  This seems to get around one of my issues in Edge, still trying
to debug another which is unloading the movie.



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If you can boil down a simple test app, it might be easier to debug.
Unless the pause results in a script timeout, a pause shouldn't break a


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>Unfortunately I've no solution.
>It's the first time I've heard of this 'intelligent pause' button in edge.
>So maybe this is also interestig for others [1].
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