I am writing a mobile AIR app that needs to load and display a Google Map on
iOS and Android mobile devices.  The problem is that mobile only supports
StageWebView to display web content, which has very bad support for
Javascript.  It also cannot be added to the Display list, so you have no way
to really control transitions such as slide-in or fade-in. I have found two
alternatives for StageWebView by third parties and I wanted to know if
anyone has any experience with them.

The first is StageWebViewBridge.  This is a class that was written to allow
Javascript and Actionscript to communicate better.  The downside is that it
has not been updated in 5 years and I don't know if it is still relevant or
effective. https://github.com/xperiments/stagewebviewbridge

The second is Rich WebView ANE.  I have never worked with an ANE and don't
know how effective(or brittle) they are, but this one claims to allow you to
be able to communicate with Javascript, and to reposition at will.  It is
well documented and current and costs about $50. 

Has anyone worked with either of these platforms and have any feedback on
how they perform?


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