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On Oct 17, 2016 7:09 PM, "bilbosax" <> wrote:

> I am really close to being done with my app.  The layout is finally correct
> and scaling properly.  The only problem I have now is with my services.
> When I click on the button that is supposed to load data from my database,
> nothing happens.  I set the endpoints of the services to point to my
> database on my website.  The app works in the simulator, but on my iPad, I
> get nothing.  So I have a couple of questions.  Does the .ipa file that you
> upload to an iPad contain all the folder structure for your services? Is
> there a descriptor setting that needs to be set to make sure that you have
> internet access on the device?
> Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.  The desktop version works, and
> it works in the simulator, but not on the iPad???
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