In looking at the source for FlexPrintJob, if the thing you are printing
isn't the main app, then the currently size of the thing is used to
compute how to scale to fill the page, but after that, validateNow() is
called.  If the thing you print computes to a different size that is too
large for the page then it will split the page.   So step into it again
and watch how the width/height is computed and handled and see if it
changes on the validateNow() calls.

Regarding alpha, I think if the thing you print has alpha < 0, you
actually want to print the parent of that thing.


On 8/11/17, 1:48 AM, "Olaf Krueger" <> wrote:

>Hi Alex,
>sorry for the late response, I've overlooked your post.
>It seems to me that sometimes mails from the list doesn't reach my local
>inbox for whatever reason.
>>What are you printing?
>I am trying to print a s:Group that contains several Spark components
>including a Timebar component that comes from Ardisialibs as an external
>>Debug into addObject and watch the size computation.
>I found that the print job splits the content into a multiple number of
>pages if it does not fit the size of the page .
>I thought the print job was able to scale the content automatically by
>e.g. 'FlexPrintJobScaleType.FILL_PAGE' to fit the page?
>Do I have to scale it by myself before printing?
>I've one more issue with transparent components.
>If the alpha of a component is <1 that the print job just outputs a black
>It seems to me that this is a known issue.
>Is there a workaround for this?
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