We have tried to use FlexPrintJob in the past with or without printAsBitmap
set. But we found the final print usually has odd artefacts included just as
you are seeing. Unless you have a fairly simple document and you know it
will never be more than one page long, I would suggest these alternatives.

** And of course this is the great beauty of Flex - it's fle-e-ex-ible!

Option 1 : Wrap up your document in the simplest DataGrid you can devise and
then use PrintDataGrid. This works well but you may need to paginate
manually and put the pages in different rows otherwise single lines of text
can get split through the middle.

Option 2 (which is my current preference) : When user clicks Print, send the
doc to a pdf creator on the server and return the url of the saved pdf. On
receipt of url, spawn Adobe Reader so that the user can print with the
superb print interface in Adobe Reader.

At first sight this appears a 'clunky' solution, but users quickly
appreciate the sheer power of the Adobe Printer and the output is always
perfect no matter what you throw at it.

Hope this helps,

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