Many thanks for your response; much appreciated...

On Tue, 30 Nov 2010 10:10:32 +0100, Sigrid Carrera wrote:

> The wiggly line indicates the automatic spellcheck (if it is red) or the
> automatic grammar check (if it is blue).

  They are blue - so 'grammar check'.

> Those checks are done automatically - you can switch it off, if you
> select  "no language" for your text. (Mark all your text, go to
> Format Character and there is a drop down list, where you can
> choose "no language").

My observations on this:

  (1) Using OpenOffice Writer, these 'view' markings no not appear on
this document.

  (2) I don't understand why e.g. "walking tour" has been
underlined as a possible grammar error. (There is no error adjacent
to the phrase.)
      (Perhaps because this LibreOffice is 'US English' rather than
the GB-English that I use?
       How can that be a grammar error even in US English?)

  (3) Why is space(s)/tab before the first word of any paragraph
filled with the  blue wiggly line?

I don't want to turn grammar checking off, but the marker lines at
the beginning of every paragraph are distracting...

Why is LibreOffice doing this when OpenOffice is not?

Here is an example (between the 2 "---"  lines) representing
the blue marker line with the "~" character here:

~~~~~~~Thanks to Force 8-9 winds in the Western Channel and
Bay of Biscay the first two days were somewhat bumpy 


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