Hi Andreas and Tom,

It was good to see that someone actually responded to the question that was 
asked about LO. I don't make much use of Writer so I have little but civility 
to contribute. I have *reflowed* your messages as quoted below my signature.

I would think that for the casual user of Writer who mostly uses it as a text 
document reader like the original poster said describes his usage of LO, it 
makes little difference which version of LO one uses. 

The diatribe that occurred against the original poster's signature block is 
regrettable and in my opinion unwarranted. While I'm convinced that Islam is in 
error and Christianity is true, I can pray for the followers of Islam and for 
the peace of Jerusalem.


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Hi :)
errr, at least wrt 3.5 - i'm not sure about trolls.

I think as a general rule the later versions of a branch tend to be more 
reliable in terms of their functionality and probably more stable too (although 
i've never had LO out-right crash or anything).  So for the 3.5 branch the 
3.5.4 was probably more stable and reliable than the 3.5.0.  With the 4.2 
branch hopefully it's become smoother and more reliable with each "Service 
Pack", such that 4.2.1 was a bit better, 4.2.2 quite a bit better, 4.2.3 even 
better and with the 4.2.5 being nearly the best.  The best version in the 4.2 
branch 'should be' the 4.2.6 but sometimes branches don't bother to go that far 
because the x.x.5 was plenty "good enough" (or other reasons for moving onto a 
newer branch).

The advantage with newer branches 'should be' that they just have better 
functionality, greater compatibility with the ever-changing MS formats.  
Although they are initially "stable" (using the devs definition of the word - 
errr and extra-ordinarily so, especially when compared to pretty much any other 
software apparently) some older functionality may have temporarily been 
inadvertently broken. Hopefully the "code clean-up" has significantly reduced 
the amount of unexpected breakages of completely unrelated things.

So the 4.3.6 should be about as stable and reliable as the 4.2.6 and the 4.4.6. 
 There is not much point in trying out the earlier releases of any branch, just 
skip straight to the one with the highest 3rd digit.

However what 'should be' and "what really is" are often completely opposite 
from each other in so many areas of life.  So i would be fairly interested in 
Nasrin's opinions about how closely the last few branches seem to have followed 
that "general rule", especially "with
regards to" ( = wrt ) "accessibility issues" such as screen-readers.

There is a separate mailing list for accessibility issues but it's so inactive 
that i doubt anyone is still on it and it may have even been closed down a few 
years ago without me noticing it being stopped.  I suspect that a lot of people 
moved to Apache Open Office when IBM donated it's fork of OO.o to AOO.  
OpenOffice is such a close relative of LibreOffice nowadays that it doesn't 
make a huge difference which is being used imo.

I think the main thing creating a problem for "what should be" is Java and 
Base.  If they can be avoided then maybe the "general rule" is fairly valid.  
With either Base or Java being used then it becomes a lot less clear, unless 
things have changed radically in the last couple of years.

Regards from
Tom :)

On 20 January 2016 at 12:51, Andreas Säger <ville...@t-online.de> wrote:
> Am 20.01.2016 um 13:36 schrieb Andreas Säger:
>> I used 3.5 for many years with no problems.
> Oh, shit. Did I feed a troll?

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