Valter Mura wrote:
Hi All

I noticed that if I have a Calc file with multiple sheets, even if with
regular print area defined, if I click the "Print PDF directly" button
while positioned in a specific sheet, the command prints out *all the
sheets* I have in the file.

With the same situation in Excel, the printout is *only the sheet* I'm

Can anybody confirm this behaviour?

I assume by "Print PDF directly" you mean the "Export as PDF" button on the toolbar.

You can get more control of the PDF output by using File > Export as PDF... On the "General" tab, set "Range" to "Selection"; if there is a selection, it will include only the selected range, otherwise it will include only the selected sheet.

You can even select more than one sheet to be included (e.g. if you want to include the first and third sheets) by clicking on the tab for one of them and then holding Ctrl on the keyboard while clicking each of the others. Then File > Export as PDF..., set "Range" to "Selection" will only the selected sheets.

If you want those extra options accessible from the toolbar button rather than going through the File menu, you can customise your toolbars at Tools > Customise > Toolbars. The default icon is on the "Standard" toolbar, and you want to add the button for Category "Documents", Command "Export as PDF" (the one without an icon). After adding it, you can click the "Modify" button and give it an icon rather than appearing on the toolbar as the text "Export as PDF".


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