The problem of counting has been a pain of my life. As a mathematics and physics student I learned that there are two kinds of numbers:

Cardinals include a zero, decimal points, and negatives. If you want the length of a fence you had better start counting posts with number zero. The common 12 inch ruler uses cardinals.

Ordinals, or "counting numbers" start at +1 and do not understand fractional parts such as 1.5. There is no zero. Algebra never uses them in a formula. They also are the only numbers in the Roman numerals of IVCLM fame. That permitted the Arabs, with their cardinals, to beat out the Romans with their inability to calculate interest rates.

I just picked up a recent technical book with paper pages and no pushbuttons. The first few pages are called the PREFACE and the page numbers therein are noted in lower case Roman numerals like iv, v, vi, viii. Can LibreOffice do that? The first page would have to be i because there is no zero.

It's not so bad as one might think but it probably advances the logic of those who believe the 20th century ended in December 2001. Somewhere on the WWW I found that the Christian era started in such a way that there was no +0 or -0 on either side of the famous birth. Those two years, of 365 days each, do not exist if you're chasing ancestors.

On 10/16/2016 10:34 AM, Julian Brooks wrote:
Thanks both so much, great info.

Will check the doc now Robert and report back on how it all transpires.

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