Den fre 10 aug. 2018 kl 10:44 skrev Andrew <>:

> On 10/08/18 09:37, M Henri Day wrote:
> > Den fre 10 aug. 2018 kl 10:04 skrev Andrew <
> > <>>:
> >
> >     Hi all
> >
> >     Have just downloaded and installed LibreOffice Version: for
> >     Linux Mint 19 ('Tara').
> >
> >     First off, thanks to all of the developers and team of geniuses  who
> put
> >     this great piece of software together and keep pushing its quality to
> >     ever greater heights. As always, the new install works smoothly,
> >     and the  new interface is looking great.
> >
> >     I did notice that there is no longer an option to enable the
> >     Quick-starter (in fact, there's now no longer any 'memory' menu
> >     option
> >     under 'options' within which to enable the Quick-starter). I don't
> >     know
> >     if this is a feature or a bug from a development perspective, but
> >     from a
> >     user perspective, it is a bug: I used to use it all of the time and
> >     found myself missing it immediately.
> >
> >     Is there any likelihood in the future to bring this option back?
> >     Or, is
> >     there something in one of the config files I might be able to hack
> >     as a
> >     work around?
> >
> >     Anyway, thanks again to all involved. Great stuff and as always, I am
> >     very pleased my donations are being put to such a good investment.
> >
> >     Best wishes
> >
> >     Andrew
> >
> >
> > Andrew, wouldn't it suffice for your purposes to pin the LibreOffice >
> icon(s) to the panel on LM (right click the icon desired in the meny
> > and choose the option «Pin to the panel») ? I'm using the same version >
> of LMyou do (but LO rather than - still waiting for
> > the pre-release PPA to kick in) and it works very well for me....
> >
> > Henri
> Hi Henri
> Thanks for the reply.
> I have a series of 'drawers' in a side panel, into which I have pinned
> the LibO app launcher, so that enables me to launch the whole suite.
> What I like(d) about the Quick-starter was being able to right click it
> and to select the specific application (e.g., calc, impress, etc.) that
> I wanted to use rather than to pin a set of specific app launchers to my
> panel.
> I agree though that that will be an option if the development decision
> is to deprecate the use of the Quick-starter, although I hope they
> don't! :-)
> BTW - in using the PPA, when you update, does it automatically remove
> the old version of LibO prior to installing the new, and does it install
> the three packages in the correct sequence? I guess it does, but I've
> always been wary of that so have traditionally always done it manually
> via synaptic to remove the previous install and then dpkg -i to install
> the new packages.
> Thanks again
> Andrew

Thanks for your speedy reply, Andrew ! Currently I have three LO icons on
my panel - the generic LO, Writer, and Calc, respectively, corresponding to
the services I most often use. Clicking the first-named opens a menu allows
me to choose from the other four services with a simple click, which I
presume serves the same function as the Quick-starter which you describe
above (I've never used it)....

From what you wrote above, I got the impression that the Quick-starter
option has been available to you in all LO versions previous to,
which surprised me, as on the 6.0.6..2 version I presntly have installed, I
don't see any «memory» option (I'm using the Swedish-language version, but
I doubt that it differs in this respect from the English-language version I
presume you use). After doing some searching, I've been given to understand
that it was deprecated quite some time ago, but that installing the
«libreoffice-systray» package would work. However, this alternative may
also have been deprecated, unfortunatelyI haven't a clue....

With regard to the pre-release PPA, in my experience it installs the new
version over the older one. It works very well, - which hasn't always been
the case when I've manually installed a pre-release version from the LO
website - the only problem is that I often have to wait a short while
before the PPA becomes available to me. Thus, for example, version
was successfully added to the PPA some three days ago, but it still hasn't
appeared on my Update Manager. However, I regard waiting a few extra days
for it to come as a small price to pay for the convenience and reliability
it hitherto has offered me....


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