Den fre 10 aug. 2018 kl 11:46 skrev Andrew <>:


> Thanks for your speedy reply, Andrew ! Currently I have three LO icons
> > on my panel - the generic LO, Writer, and Calc, respectively,
> > corresponding to the services I most often use. Clicking the
> > first-named opens a menu allows me to choose from the other four
> > services with a simple click, which I presume serves the same function
> > as the Quick-starter which you describe above (I've never used it)....
> >
> > From what you wrote above, I got the impression that the Quick-starter
> > option has been available to you in all LO versions previous to
> >, which surprised me, as on the 6.0.6..2 version I presntly
> > have installed, I don't see any «memory» option (I'm using the
> > Swedish-language version, but I doubt that it differs in this respect
> > from the English-language version I presume you use). After doing some
> > searching, I've been given to understand that it was deprecated quite
> > some time ago, but that installing the «libreoffice-systray» package
> > would work. However, this alternative may also have been deprecated,
> > unfortunatelyI haven't a clue....
> >
> > With regard to the pre-release PPA, in my experience it installs the
> > new version over the older one. It works very well, - which hasn't
> > always been the case when I've manually installed a pre-release
> > version from the LO website - the only problem is that I often have to
> > wait a short while before the PPA becomes available to me. Thus, for
> > example, version was successfully added to the PPA some three
> > days ago, but it still hasn't appeared on my Update Manager. However,
> > I regard waiting a few extra days for it to come as a small price to
> > pay for the convenience and reliability it hitherto has offered me....
> >
> > Henri
> Hi Henri
> Thanks for the tip about libreoffice-systray. I've just installed it and
> restarted LibO and still nothing ... and I cannot see anything on-line
> about how to launch it. It is of course possible that all of the
> libraries will be loaded next time I log back into my system, so that
> test will have to wait a little.
> I guess that because I hadn't noticed it being deprecated before was
> because it was somehow 'magically' (?) operational and present in all
> upgrades. I never really thought about it until it became evident due to
> being absent.
> In which case, I may have to take a leaf out of your book and just pin
> the three or so most used applications and be done with it.
> Thanks very much for your suggestions and help.
> Best wishes
> Andrew

Hope pinning the most used LO applications resolves your problem !...


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