Here is the query...

SELECT "Equipment"."ID", "Equipment"."P_Model", "Equipment"."P_Model_No", "Equipment"."Power Meter", "Equipment"."Power_No", "Equipment"."Ion Meter", "Equipment"."Ion_No", "Equipment"."Series", "Equipment"."Power Meter 2", "Equipment"."Power_No 2", "Equipment"."Power Meter 3", "Equipment"."Power_No 3", "Equipment"."Vendor_PO_No", "Ions-IM"."Model", "Ions-IM"."Tube", "Ions-IM"."Position", "Ions-IM"."Date", "Ions-IM"."Time", "Ions-IM"."Ions", "Ions-IM"."Select", "Ions-IM"."Series", "Volts-High"."Time", "Volts-High"."Reading" "Vo-Hi-Reading", "Volts-High"."Type" "Vo-Hi-Type", "Volts-High"."Series", "Volts-High"."Setting", "Amps"."Reading" "Am-Reading", "Amps"."Type" "Am-Type", "Amps"."Series", "Amps"."Setting" FROM "Ions-IM", "Equipment", "Volts-High", "Amps" WHERE "Ions-IM"."Series" = "Equipment"."Series" AND "Volts-High"."Series" = "Ions-IM"."Series" AND "Volts-High"."Date" = "Ions-IM"."Date" AND "Volts-High"."Time" = "Ions-IM"."Time" AND "Amps"."Series" = "Volts-High"."Series" AND "Amps"."Date" = "Volts-High"."Date" AND "Amps"."Time" = "Volts-High"."Time" AND "Equipment"."Series" = 134 AND "Ions-IM"."Select" = TRUE ORDER BY "Ions-IM"."Date" ASC, "Ions-IM"."Time" ASC, "Ions-IM"."Ions" ASC

I have several others that continue to work correctly.  I am going to try to see if the failure applies to a particular table(s).



On 1/15/2019 3:06 AM, Alexander Thurgood wrote:
Le 15/01/2019 à 00:23, Paul D. Mirowsky a écrit :

Any hint as to where I'm going wrong.
Without the query definition, it is going to be like gazing into a
crystal ball...all sorts of things might not work in the same way, the
time values, the date values (especially if there are calculations),
subselects, unions, joins, etc...


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