Le 15/01/2019 à 16:14, Paul D. Mirowsky a écrit :

Hi Paul,

> SELECT "Equipment"."ID", "Equipment"."P_Model",
> "Equipment"."P_Model_No", "Equipment"."Power Meter",

Check that the space in the field "Power Meter" isn't causing an issue.

There was a known bug about spaces being misinterpreted by the parser.

> "Equipment"."Series", "Equipment"."Power Meter 2", "Equipment"."Power_No
> 2", "Equipment"."Power Meter 3", "Equipment"."Power_No 3",

Same here for "Power Meter 2" and "Power Meter 3"

> "Ions-IM"."Ions", "Ions-IM"."Select", "Ions-IM"."Series",

Also check that the field name "Select" in Ions-IM.Select isn't being

> "Volts-High"."Time", "Volts-High"."Reading" "Vo-Hi-Reading",

What is "Vo-Hi-Reading" - is this supposed to be an ALIAS ? Maybe check
whether that is correctly supported.

> "Volts-High"."Type" "Vo-Hi-Type", "Volts-High"."Series",

Same here with "Vo-Hi-Type"

> "Volts-High"."Setting", "Amps"."Reading" "Am-Reading", "Amps"."Type"

Same here with "Am-Reading"

> "Am-Type", "Amps"."Series", "Amps"."Setting" FROM "Ions-IM",
> "Equipment", "Volts-High", "Amps" WHERE "Ions-IM"."Series" =
> "Equipment"."Series" AND "Volts-High"."Series" = "Ions-IM"."Series" AND
> "Volts-High"."Date" = "Ions-IM"."Date" AND "Volts-High"."Time" =
> "Ions-IM"."Time" AND "Amps"."Series" = "Volts-High"."Series" AND
> "Amps"."Date" = "Volts-High"."Date" AND "Amps"."Time" =
> "Volts-High"."Time" AND "Equipment"."Series" = 134 AND
> "Ions-IM"."Select" = TRUE ORDER BY "Ions-IM"."Date" ASC,
> "Ions-IM"."Time" ASC, "Ions-IM"."Ions" ASC

Not sure about how many left join conditions you can currently have.
That would probably need checking by removing them one-by-one until you
get something that works.

As Robert has mentioned, perhaps the migration didn't convert the data
types correctly, so your comparisons in the join conditions are no
longer working.

Good luck !


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