On 1/31/19 7:50 AM, James Knott wrote:
On 01/31/2019 10:33 AM, Tom Williams wrote:
Hi!  I recently learned LibreOffice 6 supports PGP signed documents.
My question:  why would anyone want to digitally sign a document?
When you take out a loan, etc., don't you sign the document?  There are
many times you sign things.  This is just  a digital way to verify you
did.  Without this, you'd have to print out the document, sign it and
then get it to the recipient.  With digital signing, you digitally sign
it and then can email it, right from LibreOffice.

Now, this is interesting.  So, the digital signing you describe would generate a digital version of my signature?  I have experience with digitally signing a document, using a third party service, like DocuSign.  In those cases, a "signature" font is used to represent my actual signature.  I initially though the digital signing LibreOffice supported added a digital signature to the document, itself, providing some verification that I am who I claim to be.  Does it also add the signature, in the manner you describe?



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