On Wed, Sep 14, 2016 at 08:52:12PM +0000, Lee, Wayne wrote:
> HI William,
> I've performed some tests by submitting a basic shell script which dumps the 
> environment (i.e. env) and performs either an "exit 0", "exit 99", "exit 
> 100", "exit 137" other exit status codes.    If I set my script to "exit 0", 
> the job exits normally.   If I set my script to "exit 99", then the job gets 
> requeued for execution and if I set my script to "exit 100", the job goes 
> into error state.   All of these scenarios are what I expect based on the man 
> pages for "queue_conf".   However, I am unable to use any other "exit ##", 
> trap it and force the job to error state by the method I describe.  
What I was after was what happens when you try.  You've described your setup in 
detail but your results are missing.  When the job exits for example with 107 
and the epilog exits 100 then what happens?  Does the queue go into an error 

> I'm not sure if what I'm trying to do makes sense or should I consider a 
> different way to do what I am attempting.   I can look at the 
> "starter_method" to see if this is a viable way.

As per my prior message I think using the starter_method as a wrapper will work 
more reliably than tweaking things in the epilog.


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