Our repositories are slow, both in research and in normal operations. They
are in version 2.10.1, and a year ago was mitigated with the increase in
cache bundleCacheSize, some was increased to 32M and others to 64M according
to the demand and size of each repository.
Some repositories have 1 million nodes, and others only 100,000 nodes, but
both suffer from such slowness.

For information, we have the following architecture:

Virtual Machine for Server:
- kernel "3.0.101-0.15-default" , "4" CPU 64bits
- JBoss_4_2_3_GA (3 instances/ports, with 2.5GB allocated for each JVM port)
- Sun JVM 1.6.0_27
- At least 5 repository .war in each Jboss port, serving by SOAP webservice.

Summary arquitechture

Because the node type model, which was defined in 2005, has some reference
properties, we want to adapt them to make them as String hoping to
contribute to perform better in general.
In your experience, would you do it directly, or would you even have to
create a new property on the node type and copy all the values ​​contained
in the reference properties that will be disabled later?

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