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> Hi all,
> I am trying to perform a filter in a SPARQL query, through the below code:
> FILTER ( abs(xsd:float(?tAmount1)) = abs(xsd:float(?tAmount2)) )
> The query is being parsed correctly, but I am not getting the expected
> result. Any clue why this would not convert and compare those amounts
> properly ? The amounts are formatted like this: "+8644,00".
> Thanks in advance for the help.

have you tried to use the query itself to diagnose the issue?
if you make it have it return the solution bindings for the cases which do not 
match your expectation, perhaps extended with converted values, you may see 
that there is some assumption embedded in your query which is not reflected in 
your data.

it is also possible the discrepancy between the result and your expectation 
arises somewhere else in the query.
if you are in a position to post it in its entirety, it might be possible to 
shed light on that.

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