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In a previous thread (extending an existing dataset) Andy suggested to use s-put to replace a deficient data file (delete the old one and upload a new one) in an existing dataset.

I am not sure, but I am afraid that the suggested s-put scrip is not appropriate to upload new data file in my case, since I have already several other data files in the dataset in the TDB that I want to keep intact. I only would like to replace a certain data file with a new one (extended with some additional triplets) under the same graph name. As far as I know s-put will clean the entire dataset first before it uploads the new datafile. But I might use s-post, that - according to may knowledge - can add new datafile without cleaning the existing data files from the TDB. Am I right?

Another the question is, how can I delete a dedicated graph from the dataset. The utility s-delete might help?

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Dr. Sandor Kopacsi
IT Software Designer

Vienna University Computer Center

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