I have a question about updating triples in TDB via Fueseki.

I have a work flow where I automatically build tripes through an

The results of this aggregation get stored in various named static files.

I then use then the "./s-post" command to add each of these files to TDB.

The static files get changed at different times depending on the rate of
updates further on upstream, and thus I'm wondering if there is a way to
update TDB by replacing only the triples that were ingested from a
particular file with the triples from the updated file.

Perhaps an example will help.

Suppose I have files A.rdf, B.rdf, and C.rdf.

On the initial build, I load all three files into TDB as follows:

./bin/s-post http://localhost:3030/ds/data default A.rdf
./bin/s-post http://localhost:3030/ds/data default B.rdf
./bin/s-post http://localhost:3030/ds/data default C.rdf

Now suppose that C.rdf changes. But A.rdf and B.rdf remain the same.

At the present, I'm creating an entirely new build by reloading all three
files in the same manner.

But as the number of files increases, each re-build takes a while.

I would prefer to be able to remove only the triples that were originally
added to the database from file C.rdf with the triples from the new,
updated, C.rdf file, leaving the triples that originated from A.rdf and
B.rdf untouched.

using ./s-post on the updated C.rdf file just adds the new triples
alongside the old ones
using ./s-update replaces the entire graph (including the triples from
files A and B) with the triples from the updated C.rdf file.

I'm not sure if this is possible, but I wanted to check before I continued
my practice or consider other solutions.

Many thanks for any assistance you can offer.

Dr. Jeffrey C. Witt
Philosophy Department
Loyola University Maryland
4501 N. Charles St.
Baltimore, MD 21210

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