Adding to this thread, if I can suggest another feature it is "prepared 
statements" to Fuseki. That is a way to specify queries server-side, and then 
call Fuseki with only a list of parameters.


Sent: Tuesday, February 27, 2018 at 10:01 AM
From: "Andrew U Frank" <>
Subject: future work: reasinging
For my work, the most important feature would be "same-as" (like
Laura), with the same justification.

Afterwards, I would use reasoning that is achievable with simple
construct queries and then store the result.

An actual example:

construct {?tok a ?pattern .}

FROM <> # contains ?tok nlp:lemma3 ?lem
from <[]>
# contains ?lexentry lemon:writtenRep ?lem.
where {
?lexentry ?kind ?pattern .
?lexentry lemon:writtenRep ?lem .

?tok nlp:lemma3 ?lem .
?tok nlp:pos ?cats.

filter (not exists {wn:isNotClass ?kind ?lem} ) .



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