I have a ttl file with owl-imports clause like

@prefix xsd:     <http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema#> 

  a       owl:Ontology ;
  owl:imports <file:///Users/tht/workspace/jenatest/test_course.ttl> ;
  owl:versionInfo "tht testing owl:imports"^^xsd:string .

When test_course.ttl file exists, FileManager.get().readModel loads 
the model, the other ttl is imported and sparql queries work fine. But 
if I remove the file and use 
FileManager.get().setLocationMapper().addAltEntry() to redirect to 
another existing file, the model is not what i expect and the sparql 
queries return no results.

So owl-imports works fine, but it seems like Jena is not using 
LocationMapper when importing? or could it be my mapping uris are 
incorrect? I'm using something like 


Thanks for any hints!


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