with Kafka I tried it with 10 messages with single broker and only one partiton
that looked instantaneous and ~5K messages/sec for the data size of 1KB
I tried it with 1000 messages that looked instantaneous as well ~5K messages/sec
for the data size of 1KBI tried it with 10K messages with single broker and only
one partiton  things started to go down ~1K messages/sec for the data size of
having only one partition on a single broker is a bad?  My goal is to run some
basic benchmarks on NATS & NSQ & KAFKA
I have the same environment for all three (NATS & NSQ & KAFKA)
a broker  on Machine 1producer on Machine 2Consumer on Machine 3
with a data size of 1KB (so each message is 1KB ) and m4.xlarge aws instance.
I have pushed 300K messages with NATS and it was able to handle easily and
receive throughput was 5K messages/secI have pushed 300K messages and NSQ and
receive throughput was 2K messages/secI am unable to push 300K messages with
Kafka with the above configuration and environmentso at this point my biggest
question is what is the fair setup for Kafka so its comparable with NATS and

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