We’re considering migrating an AMQ-based platform to Kafka. However our 
application logic needs an AMQ feature called Dynamic Binding, that is, on AMQ 
one publishes messages to an Exchange, which can be dynamically configured to 
deliver a copy of the message to several queues, based on binding rules. So 
when a new client comes alive, it may create its binding rules to specify a set 
of topics to listen to, and receive all the messages from these topics on a 
private queue.

I understand that Kafka neither provides this nor will, as it is not its 
objective, but I was wondering if there’s another component, an overlay to 
Kafka, that could provide this feature while using Kafka behind the scenes for 
the persistence, something like this:

Publisher --> Mapping Service --> Kafka <-- Consumers
                     ^                          |
                     |       Binding rules      |

Are you aware of such a component? Otherwise, how would you solve this issue of 
publish to 1 place and have it replicated on N topics.

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