We are planning to run  Kafka servers along with Zookeeper in 3 remote
machines for our cluster setup.

We have our application with Kafka Consumer and Publisher running in
another/separate 2 machines.

We will be configuring 1 or 2 out of 3 Kafka servers as bootstrap servers
in Kafka Consumer/Publisher properties.

Since we are configuring 1 or 2 Kafka server IP address in bootstrap server
list, we want to know when one or both the servers configured as bootstrap
server crashes, can we still consume/publish messages to the other server
available in the cluster.  If this is possible, could you please let us
know whether our application opens a socket with all 3 machines in the

Also please let us know if it is fine to configure/provide only 1 machine
out of 3  as bootstrap server.

Please let me know if in case you need additional information. Thanks in

Thanks and Regards

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