The client initially connects to the first Broker specified in 
bootstrap.servers (if that’s not available, it’ll connect to the next one on 
the list, and so on). When it does so, it is then given information about all 
the Brokers in the cluster, and it connects to all of them. Strictly speaking, 
then, you only need to specify one Broker in the bootstrap.servers list, but if 
that had crashed when the client tried to connect, the client would throw an 
error after the connection attempt timed out, which is why you’d typically 
specify two or three in that list. Certainly, though, that list isn’t a list of 
the only Brokers that the client will talk to as it’s running.


Ian Wrigley
Director, Education Services
Confluent, Inc

> On Oct 16, 2016, at 11:17 PM, sat <sathish.al...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> We are planning to run  Kafka servers along with Zookeeper in 3 remote
> machines for our cluster setup.
> We have our application with Kafka Consumer and Publisher running in
> another/separate 2 machines.
> We will be configuring 1 or 2 out of 3 Kafka servers as bootstrap servers
> in Kafka Consumer/Publisher properties.
> Since we are configuring 1 or 2 Kafka server IP address in bootstrap server
> list, we want to know when one or both the servers configured as bootstrap
> server crashes, can we still consume/publish messages to the other server
> available in the cluster.  If this is possible, could you please let us
> know whether our application opens a socket with all 3 machines in the
> server.
> Also please let us know if it is fine to configure/provide only 1 machine
> out of 3  as bootstrap server.
> Please let me know if in case you need additional information. Thanks in
> advance.
> Thanks and Regards
> A.SathishKumar

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