When you say "high transaction" what are your estimates?   ActiveMQ will be 
easier to get started with.  If you design your code to hide the queuing it 
won't be too hard to switch between them.  Kafka provides (I think) more 
scalability and HA but is going to more complicated to operate if you want all 
those features.   It also plays better with the Hadoop ecosystem.   We use IBM 
MQ and push thousands of messages per second through it but are looking into 
Kafka because of better integration with hadoop and some of the HA features.


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I am being tasked to implement a publish and subscribe database system for 
patient data and am looking at apache to perform this but am unclear as to 
which product would be best to use.  It looks like apache kafka but I have 
found other apache products that provide this function as well.  Is there 
someone who can help me with determining which apache product is best suited 
for large high transaction publish and subscribe process?

Nick Teal
Enterprise Database Engineer
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Enterprise Systems Engineering

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