Hello, I'm experiencing issues accessing the state stores outside the Kafka
stream. My application queries the state store every n seconds using the
.all() method to retrieve all key value pairs. I know that the state store
might not be available, so I guard against the InvalidStateStoreException
and in case it's caught, I simply invoke the .store method on my stream, in
order to get a new store. The problem is, that for some reason the store
never becomes available.

Some facts:
- During that time stream processing works correctly, and it successfully
puts and gets data to and from the store.
- Stream is in "running" state. I've started logging that because under
normal circumstances this exception is being thrown when the stream is in
"rebalancing" phase, but after a while it's gone, as expected, so I can
distinguish between these two cases.
- It only happens when I run my app in multiple instances.

I've set the log level to debug, but I can't see anything suspicious in the
logs, but maybe there's something particular I should pay attention to?
I access the store from inside an Akka actor, to which I pass the reference
to KafkaStreams object, if that matters.

I ran out of ideas what might have caused that behavior, so any help will
be greatly appreciated.

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