Hi Albert/Others:

While I have had some success (crashes after an approx an hour) I can't
seem to get Lisp-MN behind a NAT sorted out at all.  I assumed the OOR-MSMR
could handle the Info-Request and Info-Reply but it returns a discarding
error and inspecting source appears to not have any implementation

switch(type) {
         ret = ms_recv_map_request(ms, msg, uc);
         ret = ms_recv_map_register(ms, msg, uc);
     case LISP_MAP_REPLY:
     case LISP_MAP_NOTIFY:
     case LISP_INFO_NAT:
         OOR_LOG(LDBG_3, "Map-Server: Received control message with type
                 " Discarding!", type);

I also find that implementing a RTR configuration is far from clear.  Do
you have any example configurations or tutorials?  Or am I just looking to
do something not yet sorted out?

If a NATed MN is possible can you please explain how am I suppose to get a
MSMR that will help me determine the NAT configuration and work with a RTR
list?  Does Cisco do it in their IOS version?  Is there an older or forked
version of oor or lispmob source I should be using?

Do you have any further info besides you published papers on the RTR.  I
have the slides and whitepaper from the LispMob site.

Regards, Rod,

Rod Dines
Honours in Internetworking and Network Security Research
Perth, Western Australia

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