On 10/16/16 21:10, Ed Greshko wrote:
Does the output of the log change if you move the line

Option "Emulate3Buttons" "on"

Into the top entry "catchall" and remove what you've edited in that file?
I will try that next, just having coffee, facing an early appointment at the
VA low vision clinic which, with travel, will take up much of my day.

FWIW, I don't think you should be editing the file you are as user changes 
really should
go into their own file in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d.  The file at 
/usr/share/X11...... could
get overwritten when an update occurs.
Yes I always have to make the same change after some updates, normally it's a simple thing. I've been doing that for several years, since whenever they removed the feature. As I said I consider it essential, and I have two other F24 computers in which it works.

This problem began after I accidentally deleted my F24 system while making an F25-b installer on a thumb drive via Live Creator, or whatever it's called, that usually worked also but seemed never to be able to find the thumb drive target. I gave up and put F24 Live on a DVD using K3B and did this install on a new hard drive. Fortunately I still had an old F22 on another drive and could work from that.

Also I just booted this box to Gnome instead of xfce to cover another base, 3-button copy/paste did not work there.

AHA! I plugged in another old track ball and 3-button copy/paste works here in Thunderbird. In fact I now have two of the Logitech devices plugged into USB ports, only the one on the front panel works as expected.

It looks like I have a new avenue to investigate ... Perhaps a main board problem? There was the Live Creator problem and I noticed that the USB-3 port on the back panel has not been working recently, only a minor thing and I pushed that aside. Both track balls are plugged into USB-2 ports, and I made no changes in that arrangement until just adding the second device ...

That's where I stand now, still confused, may need a new mother board,


Bob Goodwin - Zuni, Virginia, USA
box10  FEDORA-24/64bit LINUX XFCE POP3
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