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Michael B Allen <iop...@gmail.com> wrote:

> I just got a Dell Latitude E7470. Mostly works with the latest Fedora
> live.
> However, attaching an external monitor to the HDMI port hangs the
> machine. I've been using Linux as my primary machine long enough to
> know that it smells very much like a driver issue and that the only
> way I'm going to get it to work is to try a newer kernel. So ...
> Are there any vaguely official RPMs for new(er) kernels?
> If not, what is the path-of-least-resistance for building a new(er)
> kernel? I can google as well as anybody but if there's a definitive
> way, I would appreciate any pointers.

This is where all Fedora kernels are born:
If you download an rpm, you can install it with dnf -C [kernel package],
*providing* that its dependencies are met on your Fedora version.

This is how to compile a kernel from the src.rpm found at the above

I don't do it that way since I've been doing it for a while, and have
learned an alternate way that used to be suggested.  

But, that said, are you sure you need to do this?  I don't run multiple
monitors, but if you give some specifics, it might turn out that
someone else can suggest a boot configuration or X configuration
adjustment that will work.
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