Has there been a change to the NFS server?

I am running:
        Fedora 24
        nfs-utils 1.3.4

All of this has worked in earlier versions of Fedora so I'm a little

I am trying to setup the NFS server and I need it to serve NFS v2. That
is the only protocol version that the client machine understands.  It's
OS was written before v3 existed.

I followed the instructions for setting it up.

The client can get the list of exported filesystems from the server,
but fails when it tries to access one of them.

The error says something about a "Remote module version mismatch."  I
was thinking that the server was only using NFS v3.  Is there something
else that the client might access that could have a version mismatch
besides the NFS protocol?

Have I missed something in setting up the NFS Server?

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