On Dec 2, 2016 04:45, "Craig Lanning" <craig.t.lann...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Has there been a change to the NFS server?
> I am running:
>         Fedora 24
>         nfs-utils 1.3.4
> All of this has worked in earlier versions of Fedora so I'm a little
> confused.
> I am trying to setup the NFS server and I need it to serve NFS v2. That
> is the only protocol version that the client machine understands.  It's
> OS was written before v3 existed.
> I followed the instructions for setting it up.
> The client can get the list of exported filesystems from the server,
> but fails when it tries to access one of them.
> The error says something about a "Remote module version mismatch."  I
> was thinking that the server was only using NFS v3.  Is there something
> else that the client might access that could have a version mismatch
> besides the NFS protocol?
> Have I missed something in setting up the NFS Server?

I have not setup an NFS server in quite a while.

However, my memory is telling me that the default is to not enable V2
support. I believe you can edit /etc/sysconfig/nfs and edit the RPCNFSDARGS
parameter to specify V2 support.
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