Got a handme down Server from MIS, it is a Dell PowerEdge 2800 with dual 
processors 4G Ram and 4 130G SCSI disks. I was able to get it to install 
Fedora 24 from an USB flash of the Live CD, but was having big issues with 
the video. Had to add the vga=ask on kernel boot line, and eventually one of 
the vga modes allowed the installer to go thru, but I had tried a number, so 
not sure which one worked for that. Install process went thru just fine, and 
was hoping on reboot it would resolve the video issue. The initial long in 
screen showed up, but login results in a black screen. Terminal screens work 
fine, and I can setup a vnc terminal with no problem.

Then ran the fedup update to 25, and that also went just fine, but still the 
regular screen doesn't work. VNC also still works fine with gdm, but switched 
to lightdm to see if that would fix the regular screen issue, but it didn't, 
and for 
some reason, the VNC was just a black screen, switching back to gdm fixed 

Am thinking there onboard video must be something limited, and of course 
they don't have any info on the machine. Dell's response is that it is an old 
unsupported machine. Have another Dell 2500 that we have had since 2000, 
and it still works fine, and has Fedora 24 on it, but the 2800 is a lot 

Not a big deal, but if some might know of settings that would make the 
screen work, the VNC is fine for most things, and text screen for local stuff.


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