On Fri, Dec 02, 2016 at 01:18:31PM +1000, Michael D. Setzer II wrote:
> Got a handme down Server from MIS, it is a Dell PowerEdge 2800 with dual 
> processors 4G Ram and 4 130G SCSI disks. I was able to get it to install 
> Fedora 24 from an USB flash of the Live CD, but was having big issues with 
> the video. Had to add the vga=ask on kernel boot line, and eventually one of 
> the vga modes allowed the installer to go thru, but I had tried a number, so 
> not sure which one worked for that. Install process went thru just fine, and 
> was hoping on reboot it would resolve the video issue. The initial long in 
> screen showed up, but login results in a black screen. Terminal screens work 
> fine, and I can setup a vnc terminal with no problem.
The spec sheet I found online says the embedded video is
ATI Radeon 7000-M with 16MB SDRAM.  You may be able to
confirm with lspci.

You might also consider getting a basic PCI-X video card.
The specs say it has a 4 and an 8 channel slot.  Or maybe
a used, older card from eBay.

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