On 20180204 06:57, Ed Greshko wrote:
On 02/04/18 22:45, Robert P. J. Day wrote:
   i just did a quick test with abcde, ripping a CD to flac both with
and without the "-1" option (diff being ripping to a single FLAC file
versus individual FLAC files). the difference in final, total size is
negligible, both directories around 267M.

   is there any benefit to one strategy or the other? i assume that i
can rip a CD to a single FLAC file and, subsequently, break it into
pieces later when i decide how i want to organize CDs and individual

I'd go with one file per track as opposed to one file per CD.

The breaking into pieces later on seems like more work.  Besides, on almost any 
there will be one or two tracks that aren't of interest even if the artist is a 

BoBW - one folder per CD and one file per track.

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