Hi again,

> Recently my rather old HP Elitebook 2540p with an SSD in the upgrade
> bay running Fedora 27 stopped booting when not plugged on.
> The laptop is equipped with an 1st gen Intel Core i5 540M  processor
> as well as an "Intel Corporation 5 Series" SATA controller (lspci
> output attached).

The more I analyze this issue, the more I think it is caused by ALPM
(agressive link power management).
When I switched in BIOS the SATA mode from AHCI -> IDE everthing
worked like before, so does the laptop when I am connected to wall

However I wonder, did ALPM enablement accidently slip into stable
Fedora-27 updates?
I thought ALPM was targeted for Fedora-28:

Best regards, Clemens
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