2018-02-23 13:48 GMT+01:00, Temlakos <temla...@gmail.com>:
> Everyone:
> Firefox crippled most of its extensions beginning with Version 57. (Why
> they borrowed technology from Google, I'll never know.) The developers
> of the Video Download Helper responded by creating a Companion Application.
> I have tried installing that application dozens of times. But /Firefox
> refuses to recognize it/. And without that recognition, VDH will not
> download most videos from YouTube. (Was that the idea?)
> Has anyone gotten that companion app to work? If so, how may I do it?

Works for me... I downloaded the tar.gz file and followed the instructions:

tar -xf net.downloadhelper.coapp-1.1.3-1_amd64.tar.gz -C ~
install --user

If you want to download videos from youtube, youtube-dl may be more convenient.

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