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| Version 3.0 was released the other day.  Are there plans to update the
| version in the repos?  I don't see anything in updates-testing.

I'm looking forward to it because some gnucash bugs were caused by
using an old version of webkit and 3.0 moves to a newer version.

I tried to build it myself, under Fedora 27.

It came with no .spec file.  That's fine: I'd like to keep the old
version while playing with the new one, so creating and installing a
.rpm is probably not the way for me to go.  Still, it would be nice to
have a .spec.  On the other hand, each distro using a .spec would
probably need a different one -- too bad.

A README talks about a .spec, but it is quite quite old and not even
included in the distributed tarball.

The documentation for building under Fedora is quite wrong.  It seems
to assume that you've installed a source RPM (for build dependencies)
and then doesn't use that .spec.  Of course the real build
dependencies might well be different from those in the old .spec.

Building under F27 fails because it needs "gwen3.gui-gtk3" but Fedora
27 doesn't have such a thing.  I presume that that was added to
Gwenhyfar after the version in F27.  (A Welsh name for a package
distributed from a German banking software site.)

Next plan: try gnucash of F28 beta.
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