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> > A quick search turned up these pages, which should get you a little
> > further on your journey.
> >
> > https://superuser.com/questions/152347/change-linux-console-screen-blanking-behavior
> >
> > https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/8056/disable-screen-blanking-on-text-console
> >   
> Thanks.   Those are both 7 years old and things appear to have changed
> much.

Did you try this from the suggestions at the links?  I didn't, but the
console has not changed that drastically lately because the emphasis
has been on the GUI, so it should still work.

The only permanent solution is to add consoleblank=0 to the kernel
command-line. You can view the value (which defaults to 600 seconds) in:


The default console blanking behavior is baked into the kernel at
compile time. It is configurable at boot time with the paramater
consoleblank=, or in userspace with setterm. From the kernel
documentation (kernel-parameters.txt):

consoleblank=  [KNL] The console blank (screen saver) timeout in
               seconds. Defaults to 10*60 = 10mins. A value of 0
               disables the blank timer.

I see it is still documented in the kernel Documentation, so I don't
think it has gone away, and the path is still there on my system.
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