On 04/14/18 06:16, Bob Goodwin wrote:
> On 04/13/18 16:57, Rick Stevens wrote:
>> By default F27 uses NFSv4. The access is far more restrictive. If you're
>> NFS mounting a filesystem as a normal user on the client, then you have
>> to make sure that user has the same UID and GID on the server and has
>> access to that exported directory.
>> If you're mounting it as root on the client (as seems to be true by the
>> "#" in the example command), make sure you add "no_root_squash" to the
>> export at the server:
>>     /home/public,no_root_squash)
>> Otherwise the server will try to demote the root user down to the
>> anonymous user, who probably doesn't have R/W access to /home/public
>> (or whatever export you've specified).
>> Make sense?
> .
> Just adding "no_root_squash" did not help, it still reports refused.
> Sometimes it seems nothing is ever easy, at least with NFS.

I hadn't set up an nfs server in a while so I did the following.

Server Side:

Created /etc/exports with the following contents


Checked the nfs box in the firewalld settings

systemctl enable nfs-service                     (only need that if you want the
service started at boot)
systemctl start nfs-service

Client side:

mount /mnt


[root@meimei mnt]# df -T | grep mnt nfs4       29098240  17908736    9688320  65% /mnt

I suppose, that this point,  you should run on the Server side

systemctl status nfs-server

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