On 04/13/2018 01:57 PM, Rick Stevens wrote:
By default F27 uses NFSv4. The access is far more restrictive.

I tend to think it is less so, since it uses fewer ports, which are predictable.  That wasn't the case with v3 and older, which tended to require much more permissive firewall policies.

If you're
NFS mounting a filesystem as a normal user on the client, then you have
to make sure that user has the same UID and GID on the server and has
access to that exported directory.

NFSv4 uses idmap, so UID and GID mapping are unnecessary.  In v3 and older, they needed to match.

If you're mounting it as root on the client (as seems to be true by the
"#" in the example command), make sure you add "no_root_squash" to the
export at the server:

Mounting an NFS filesystem can only be done by root on a typical UNIX system, since the NFS client is in the kernel, not in userspace.  The no_root_squash doesn't affect mounting at all, only accessing files after a filesytem is mounted.
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