> ...I think crypto-currency is stupid...
I agree.  That's why some people and organizations use coin mining.  They get 
us to do all that grunt work for them.  They use our cpu, our gpu, our 
electricity, and our money, and wear out our hardware.

> Also, I have always been suspicious...
I agree.  I have my browsers and e-mail clients set to not download/install 
anything without my permission.  But I'm human, and I make mistakes.  I even 
try to shut down automatic updating if/when I can figure out how to do that 
(sometimes very difficult for home users such as me).

> ...ClamAV
I didn't realize that ClamAV is available for Linux.  So I looked it up in 
wikipedia (I know, it's not the most authoritative place to look).  Overall, 
it's effectiveness is so-so.  I'll dig into ClamAV more later.

> ...Chrootkit...
I assume you mean "chkrootkit".  I've been running that at least weekly for 
about five years.  I learned about it from members of this list.

> ...RKhunter...
I've been running that at least weekly for about five years.  I learned about 
it from members of this list.

> ...BleachBit...
I didn't realize that this is available for Linux.  I'll dig into it more later.

> ...There is no magic "cure-all"...
I agree, and I said this in the first sentence of the "question" part of my 
original post.  Everything said in that last paragraph are things I'm already 
doing.  I've been doing patches ("dnf upgrade --refresh") weekly for about 5 
years, and I upgrade to the next Fedora release about every 6 months.

> ...if you don't allow your browser or mail client to install software...
I've been following this advice for years.

> ...top 7...
(1,3,5,7)  I've been following these for years.
(2-sandboxing and vm)  I really need to learn about these.
(4-firewall)  I think I've got this set properly, but I'm not sure.  Firewalls 
seem v-e-r-y complicated, and are over my head.  I'm trusting that the thread I 
started last summer about hundreds of external attempts to remotely log in to 
my work station fixed this.
(6-"ps -aux")  I did this a short while ago, but not as root.  256 processes!  
...most unfamiliar to me.  It would take a real expert to recognize something 
that doesn't belong.

Thank-you for the discussion and suggestions.
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