On 05/16/2018 02:43 PM, Frédéric wrote:
>> So I have to force turning off... I do not like that.
> Did that, rebooted. It stopped for a long time at the same place (2-3
> minutes) then showed the login screen!
> Don't know what happened but it seems that it is fine now.

It may have been rebuilding the initramfs if there was a kernel update
or an SELinux relabel operation (really common on an upgrade, say from
F27->F28). If it happens again and if you have an LED showing disk
activity, watch it. If it's blinking like mad or on steadily, that's
probably what's going on (I love LEDs...but I also liked front panels
on my Imsai, Altair and PDP-11s).

The first boot after an upgrade always seems to take a while for me, so
when I do it I just take a coffee break for 10 minutes or so. If things
aren't working by then, I go into spelunker mode to sort it out.
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