> I tried it.  It did not work.

And what does this mean ?
You do have a backup and copy over doesn't work or you don't have a backup ?

you should be more specific, cause nobody knows what's currently up with your 
box !

if you got a backup:
do you have the *elder* files ~/.thunderbird/profiles.ini and 
~/.thunderbird/installs.ini, too ?

if so my profiles.ini looks like this (cat ~/.thunderbird/profiles.ini):




my installs.ini looks like this (cat ~/.thunderbird/installs.ini):


- I currently don't know what this files is for -

ls -al ~/.thunderbird/ :

drwx------.  3 ron ron 4096  7. Okt 19:30 .
drwx------. 19 ron ron 4096  4. Okt 22:28 ..
drwx------.  7 ron ron 4096 11. Okt 08:31 hzy3mb56.default
-rw-r--r--.  1 ron ron   45  7. Okt 19:30 installs.ini
-rw-r--r--.  1 ron ron  166  7. Okt 19:30 profiles.ini

hzy3mb56.default is a directory and the name of *my* profile.
normally under that directory lives thunderbird (mails, calendars, adressbook, 
settings, etc.)
- "normally" means NO DAV, etc. -

you need to fill that directory with *your* elder contents from your backup !!!

your profile name is different and needs to be exchanged with your *elder* 
profile name in the files profiles.ini and installs.ini (see above Path= and 
Default=) !

also important user rights and ownership:

chmod 700 ~/.thunderbird/*.default  (assuming your elder profile name ends on 
chmod 644  ~/.thunderbird/*.ini

ownership: run the following command as user 

chown -R <your-user-name>.<your-group-name> ~/.thunderbird 

"your-group-name" is usually the same as "your-user-name" and in my case the 
command is:

chown -R ron.ron ~/.thunderbird

thunderbird should *NOT* run during the whole above work !!!

please report !
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